by Christiane-Tresor Crawford, Tyler Infinger and Richard Komendanchik

In January 1967, Marjorie McKenzie began her service at MU in what was only a bookstore in the clothing section. She then became a cashier and soon a greeter.

Now, McKenzie celebrates 50 years of service at The Mizzou Store. She retired for one semester back in the 1990s but came back.

“I came over at a rush, a January rush,” McKenzie said. “The first year I was here, I worked in clothing, and it’s a lot different than it is now. And then after the year I decided, you know, that I wanted to be a cashier.”

Her favorite thing about her job is “just seeing the students and the people and faculty and staff.”

For the past five years, Bill Casey, who is another greeter, has worked alongside McKenzie at the bookstore.

“People are familiar with seeing her face here every day, so when she’s not here on Thursdays, people [ask] ‘Where’s Marjorie?’,” Casey said. “She takes her job seriously.”

McKenzie plans to work at The Mizzou Store for as long as she can.

“I do this as long as I can. There’ll be time when I won’t be able to, but at the moment, I’m not thinking about not doing it for a little while,” McKenzie said. 

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