Hannah Cox, 23 Sports

Tuesday, February 16—

The Missouri Men’s basketball team had an impressive 72-67 win against South Carolina Tuesday night. This tough SEC win came just hours after the dismissal of star guard Wes Clark due to his inability to meet academic standards.

Mizzou’s win came off an impressive defeat of Tennessee this past Saturday, 75-64. The Tigers started out strong with a 6-1 lead, but found themselves struggling at several points during the second half.

The Gamecocks offense was led by Duane Notice, who finished the game with 21 points along with a 5 of 7 finish from behind the three-point line. The game featured some back and forth actions, including a dire moment when the Tigers found themselves trailing by 15 points. The Tigers also failed to make 11 free throws, including three within the final minute and a half.

Despite this, the Tigers were able to pull out the win in the final minutes due to a few key players. The game featured an excellent performance from senior Ryan Rosburg, who blocked a key shot during the final moments to keep a 68-67 lead for the Tigers. South Carolina fouled Rosburg, and he made one of his free throw shots to make it a two-possession match. He had 18 points total for the night.

Terrence Philips also had a good night, coming in with 15 points along with several key assists. The Tigers are now 10-16 and have already won more games than last year’s total.

Photo courtesy of FOXsports.com.