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The University of Missouri School of Medicine and Office of Diversity and Inclusion is sponsoring a special screening of “Black Men in White Coats.” Starting February 12th, students enrolled at Mizzou have the opportunity to watch the film. 

This documentary identifies and discusses different diversity issues in medical professions. This film exposes certain systemic challenges set in place, resulting in fewer African American males applying to medical school each year.  As of 2013, it has been the mission of Black Men In White Coats to educate, inform, and mentor future and current medical professionals on crucial information regarding diversity. 

The creator and executive producer of this documentary is former Mizzou alumni Dr. Dale Okorodudu. Okorodudu obtained both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Missouri before founding the “Black Men in White Coats” organization. While studying at Mizzou, associate professor of pathology and anatomical sciences, Dr. Ellis Ingram mentored Okorodudu through his years as a med student. Today Dr. Okorodudu is a practicing physician at Dallas VA Medical Center and works at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as an assistant professor of internal medicine. Dr. Okorodudu continues to mentor, advise, and assist young students who dream of becoming medical professionals. He encourages 

It’s important to the University of Missouri to educate, not just medical students, but all young adults on the documentary’s findings. With the help of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Mizzou is encouraging students to tune in to the screening.  

Missouri School of Journalism student, Lexi Eskijian, had the chance to watch the “Black Men In White Coats” documentary. “It made me check my privilege and reflect on all the opportunities I am so lucky to have,” said Eskijian. Eskijian explained that it’s important for students to watch this documentary to “understand what other people go through.”

Students can register at this link and receive a password to access the film. There are a limited number of spots available. 


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