Missouri tennis drops the ball against Auburn

Missouri tennis drops the ball against Auburn

Nathalie Jones, 23 Sports Reporter

Missouri Tigers tennis claimed the doubles point, however, they still could not pull off a win against No. 11 Auburn, 4-1.

Missouri was in good shape early as the duo of Amina Ismail and Bea Machado Santos defeated the No. 16 pairing in the nation 6-1, putting themselves at 12-5 on the season. Ismail and Santos clinched their sixth consecutive win of the season, five of which were against ranked opponents.

Just one court over, the first-time pairing of Mackenzy Middlebrooks and Cassidy Spearman put up a dominating performance against Auburn’s No. 2 pairing with another score of 6-1.

With wins from both Tiger duos, Missouri secured the doubles point, giving the Tigers a 1-0 lead over Auburn.

However, Auburn came back with a vengeance to claim the matchup, with wins in the No. 2, No. 3, No. 5 and No. 6 spots.

Santos, however, found her second victory of the day by a narrow margin. Santos matched up against No. 39 Andie Dikosavljevic for the win in the first set. The pair battled it out in the remaining two sets, though, as Dikosavljevic claimed the second set. The decisive third set was unfinished, however, with Santos in the lead 5-2.

The rest of the Tigers weren’t so lucky. Tate Schroeder faced off against No. 26 Alizee Michaud in only her third match in the No. 2 spot. Although she put up a fight, she fell in a 6-7 heartbreaker for the Tigers.

Along with Schroeder, other Mizzou Tigers such as Spearman, Ismail and Clare Raley all found losses in the singles matches, brining Auburn to another victory.

Missouri will continue to their final match of the regular season, as they take a trip to No. 33 Alabama on Sunday, April 16. First serve set for 3 p.m.