By Reagan Swatosh, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA- On October 10th, people from all over Missouri were encouraged to participate in National Period Action Day through a Zoom conference organized by PERIOD @ CoMo, led by Shruti Gautam. 

“We went through a step-by-step process to write effective letters (emails) to bill sponsors and subsequent voting representatives. More specifically, we wrote personalized letters about bills to decrease the tampon tax and obtain free menstrual products for all schools,” Mallory Gard, Junior at Rock Bridge High School explained.

Contacting representatives is a way for Missouri constituents to voice their opinions and concerns. 

“Saturday’s events, and all events like it, can make a huge difference in the Missouri Legislature,” Gard stated. “Encouraging those who sponsor bills incites motivation for them to continue pushing. Even one person reaching out to a representative can give the bill enough significance to obtain their vote. And as more people join together to promote accessibility to menstrual products, the more that will be done to make this a reality.” 

This event attracted people of all ages, ranging from high school students to adults.

“I participated in this event because I understand the stress lack of accessibility to menstrual products can have on education, motivation, and everyday life,” said Gard. “For women, menstruation is an inevitable part of life. We should not be expected to pay high prices for something we cannot control.” 

Gard is extremely passionate about this cause and explained, “It’s not gross, it’s not a crime, so why are we treating it as taboo? Ignoring the existence of periods only furthers ignorance, the disadvantage women can have, and it decreases our basic human rights.”

PERIOD @CoMo holds various events to raise awareness throughout the year. Columbia residents are certain to hear more about this organization and their activism in the future. Updates can be found on their instagram @period.como or their Facebook page, Period CoMo.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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