Mizzou After Dark: Extreme Room Makeover Edition

Noelle Kirkman – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The absence of glitter was never a problem at the Mizzou After Dark extreme room makeover themed event on Friday, Oct. 3 at Memorial Union.

Mizzou After Dark holds various events on Friday nights as an alternative to partying. Each event has a different theme and always something fun to enjoy.

This past Friday, crafting stations to make chalk paint picture holders, pillowcases, picture frames, and corkboards allowed students to craft all night in order to add a fun upgrade to their dorm or apartment.

“The theme tonight is extreme room makeover. It started when I first joined Mizzou After Dark as an event staff person and we kept with it because it was really successful. So basically we just take a bunch of Pinterest crafts and things that people want to see in their rooms but don’t want to necessarily have the money to do or the resources to go find materials, so we bring that to them,” said Maria Harper, Head Production Assistant.

Dan Dujakovich, MU Student enjoyed not only his new pillowcase, but the free food too.

“My favorite part about tonight was definitely the free food and hanging out. And people should come because there’s really good food and it’s free,” said Dujakovich.

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