By Jessica Fitzgerald, MUTV-23 News Reporter

COLUMBIA—Mizzou has changed the requirements for out-of-state students to obtain Missouri
residency status due to COVID-19.

Missouri residents pay $24,322 a year, while Non-Missouri residents pay $41,002. Due to the
difference in cost, a lot of out-of-state students apply for Missouri residency. There is a list of
requirements that students must normally achieve to gain Missouri residency that includes the
following: getting a Missouri drivers license, registering to vote in Missouri, have proof of
residency for 12 months in Missouri, making at least $2,000 during the 12-month period and
being dependent on your federal income tax forms.

For the Fall 2020 semester only, students can obtain provisional residency if they meet only one
of the resident criteria before the start of the semester. The student does not have to stay in

Missouri for the summer as well. Additionally, the student must have been enrolled at Mizzou
for the entire 2019-2020 academic year.

Students are not getting off the hook that easy though. According to the Mizzou Registrar’s
website, if a student wants to qualify for Missouri state residency, they have to complete the
rest of the residency requirements prior to the Spring 2021 semester.

Lucy Caile, a sophomore from Seattle, Wash., stayed in Columbia over the summer in order to
qualify for residency.

“I think the changes definitely made the process a lot less stressful,” Caile says. “The fact that
they were so understanding and were trying to make changes made me more comfortable.”
Caile was very happy about the changes, but was overwhelmed at times about the process as a

“I think what made me stressed in the beginning was waiting for Mizzou to release the changes
for residency,” Caile says. “But when they were released, seeing how lenient they were going to
be put me at ease.”

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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