Mizzou Faces Heat of Boilermakers

Justin Lohmeyer, 23 Sports

Coming into this season it was not really expected that Mizzou was going to compete for a National Championship. In Mizzou’s first game they played a little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with their fans. Drew Lock was great on the offensive side of the ball. Fans could barely keep up with all the touchdowns. The defense could only be described in one word ‘sad’. When Week two rolled around Barry Odom told the Mizzou faithful that the defense is going to change for the better. The game was a whole different story. Mr. Hyde showed himself during game not only in the defense, but also in the offense and special teams.

Mizzou may be playing for their bowl life in just their third game of the season. There are also more questions than answers for the Tigers. Especially with the firing of defensive coordinator DeMontie Cross. Head Coach Barry Odom stated that the firing was not because of the on field performance. There has to be more then meets the eye. The one outstanding thing you can take away from these last two games has been the performance from the offensive line, who have only allowed two sacks so far this season. They are giving Lock plenty of time to throw and giving the running-backs plenty of room to run. If they can minimize the drops and Damarea Crockett can play this game at full health this week. Mizzou can put up points with the best of them.

Like Mizzou, Purdue is not looking to win championships. Last season they went 3-9 in the Big 10. This years team, however, has shown energy and potential. They gave a Lamar Jackson led Louisville team a run for their money. They have been running on a two quarterback system, with most of the snaps going to David Blough. He was able to put up three touchdowns in a win against Ohio. The running attack is led by Tario Fuller who ran for 142 yards and a touchdown last week. Where the Tigers can hopefully take advantage is the Boilermakers defensive front. It is nothing to write home about with only one sack in two games and four tackles for a loss. These two teams have their flaws. The question comes down to will Mizzou be more Dr. Jekyll or Mr.Hyde. We will find that out Saturday afternoon.