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Mizzou’s tennis team ended their season with a devastating loss to Arkansas on Monday, April 20. The game took place at the site of the SEC tournament at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

For Mizzou, Bronte Murgett and Marta Oliveira (MIZ) took down Morgan Cross and Tatum Rice (ARK) doubles. In singles, on the other hand, Bronte Murgett (MIZ) beat No. 35 Indianna Spink (ARK), Ellie Wright (MIZ) defeated Kelly Keller (ARK), and Marta Oliveira (MIZ) took down Laura Rijkers (ARK).

Arkansas had their fair share of losses against Mizzou in this match, but they more importantly had a surplus of clutch wins to set them over the edge. In doubles, Lauren Alter and Indianna Spink (ARK) beat Gabrielle Goldin and Serena Nash (MIZ) and Jackie Carr and Kelly Keller (ARK) were victorious over Valentina Vazquez Pongruber and Rom Cardenas Rifka (MIZ). In doubles, Tatum Rice (ARK) took down Serena Nash (MIZ), Morgan Cross (ARK) beat Valentina Vazquez Pongruber (MIZ), and Lauren Alter (ARK) defeated Elys Ventura (MIZ).

Overall, Arkansas won the match 4-3, eliminating Mizzou from the SEC tournament and Arkansas lost to Auburn 4-1 in the second round of the SEC tournament. Mizzou’s record now sits just below .500 at 15-16, whereas Arkansas is 11-10 and is ranked the No. 30 team in the country.

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