By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News reporter


Mizzou Giving Day is an event hosted every year on campus to bring the MU community together through giving and charitable donations from Mizzou alumni or other donors. This event is aimed towards bringing in donations or gifts that can help MU and their students grow and succeed. 

According to the Mizzou Giving Day website, “The University of Missouri faces significant budget challenges. To remain affordable, Mizzou is committed to keeping its costs low and investing heavily in financial support for students, but we need your support.”

From March 11-12, 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., gifts or donations will be accepted from donors and alumni. The 24-hour time frame is a crucial time for MU to receive donations to help keep the university growing and up to date. 

Their website also states that “gifts made through Mizzou Giving Day help schools, colleges and programs support the transformative student experience, innovative research and community service that ensure MU’s place as a top-tier institution.

Mizzou Giving Day is a time to come together as tigers and help MU and the students have the best experience and programs possible. Mizzou Giving Day is sponsored by the Mizzou Alumni Association and alumni donors are crucial in helping Mizzou stay up to date and strive for success. 

Donations or gifts can be made online at or by calling 866-267-7568. For more information on this event and how to donate visit: 


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