By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA – On Oct. 16, 2020, the Mizzou Alumni Association hosted their fifth annual Mizzou Alumni Hall of Fame ceremony. 

The Mizzou Hall of Fame was created to honor those alumni of high achievements during homecoming weekend. Each year, around four individuals are recognized for their hard work in their fields. 

This year, Mizzou’s virtual event honored Sheryl Crow, Richard D. Kinder, William V. Morgan and Dr. Gus T. Ridgel. Each inspiring honoree had their own specific accomplishments which were addressed during the virtual ceremony. 

Along with the honorees, there were many other speakers that were a part of this event, including the executive director of the Mizzou Alumni Association, Todd McCubbin. 

“What they share is a dedication to service and a deep love for their ommermoter,” McCubbin stated. “Each of them has, in their own way, paved a path for Mizzou students to succeed today. Homecoming is a time for students and alumni to connect and to share their love for Mizzou across generations.”

Homecoming is one of the many ways Mizzou shows their appreciation towards alumni and students. Even though the weekend looked very different from previous years, the love and connections were still there. The Mizzou Alumni Hall of Fame is a piece of homecoming that is special to all. Even though it was virtual, it was a great event with a ton of students and staff to honor four very special alumni. 

To hear more about and watch the event, attached below is the Youtube link to the virtual Mizzou Alumni Hall of Fame ceremony:

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