Reiss Wegman-23Sports

The Tigers were sorefully upset in their eighth contest of the season. Charleston Southern shocked the crowd as they left Columbia winners, posting a 68-60 score. This is the third straight loss for the Tigers, bringing their record to .500 at 4-4. On the other end of the court, Charleston Southern came away with their second straight road victory, after beating Delaware State over a week ago.

Mizzou came into this game a 26 point favorite. The Tigers and Buccaneers battled back and forth all game long, with Mizzou heading into the locker room up five. They were able to sustain this lead for much of the second half, but the Buccaneers took the lead with 2:28 to go and never looked back.

Jeremiah Tilmon once again led the team in points, with 15. He also set a season-high in rebounds with nine. Tilmon went on a run of his own in the second half, posting eight points in under two minutes.

There is no doubt that this is a game the Tigers wish to forget, and that is probably the best thing they can do moving forward. It is a long season, and it is still early, but losses like this can not become a pattern.

Up next, the Tigers travel to Temple to take on the 6-1 Owls. The Owls have fallen only to Maryland, ranked fifth. Following that, the Tigers begin a three game home stand against all Illinois teams. Southern Illinois comes into town of the 15th, followed by Illinois on the 21st, and Chicago State on the 30th. Looming even further out is a trip to Kentucky which is sure to be weighing on everyone’s mind already.