Mizzou Online Success

Mizzou Online offers opportunity for students to take almost 600 courses online.

During the 2011-2012 academic year, roughly 6,000 MU students took courses online through the program Mizzou Online. Mizzou Online allows students to take courses that are typically offered on campus.

The Mizzou Online program offers almost 600 courses from 18 of MU’s schools and colleges. Last year students generated over 50,000 credit hours through the online program.

However, many students do not take online courses because they don’t know or understand the online program. Freshmen Maria Davison and Kara Simon said they haven’t taken any online courses because they don’t know much about them and they like the student interactions of the regular classroom setting.

According to Mizzou Online, there are some benefits to taking courses online. “Online classes allow a bit of flexibility of when the work gets done,” Mizzou Online representative Stacy Snow said. “Since you work through the material on your own time, outside of a scheduled classroom meeting, they [students] can free up time for work and student clubs or sports.”

Junior Peter LeGrand said that the two online courses he has taken have allowed him a lot greater flexibility. If he had time to get his coursework done early he could do so and if need be he could also push it back a week if he didn’t have time.

According to Snow, the same MU faculty members and schools that oversee the programs on campus develop these online courses.

Students that wish to enroll in an online course can do so through myZou, just as they would enroll in a course on campus. According to the Mizzou Online website, the program suggests that students be aware of enrollment deadlines and course prerequisites when signing up for an online class.

For more information visit online.missouri.edu.

Nicole Shaddy