Jesse Carter-23Sports

The Mizzou Tigers (7-8-1) faced off against the Crimson Tide (9-4-3) last Friday night in Columbia. Alabama secured the first goal of the night within 2 minutes of the start of the first period. Mizzou answered back when Julissa Cisneros scored Missouri’s first goal off of a penalty kick, goal number 8 for her this season, about 4 minutes later. The match was back and forth from then on, Mizzou was shooting more shots on net, but Alabama’s A.J. Crooks let nothing else pass her, saving 5 shots.

But the momentum shift early on when Mizzou tied Alabama’s early lead still lead to their second 1-2 loss in a row. A late foul done by Missouri goalkeeper Gillian Schulte allowed for Alabama to shoot from a penalty kick opportunity. They scored with 25 minutes left in the game and the Tiger’s couldn’t make the comeback.

Missouri will play at Texas A&M this Sunday, October 27 at 4 p.m.