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Mizzou Tennis (15-10) hosted Alabama (10-8), on Friday afternoon, March 26 at the Mizzou Tennis Complex. The Tigers are 1-7 in SEC play while the Crimson Tide is also 1-7 in SEC play. This match-up was a tie-breaker to one’s SEC score. Unfortunately, Mizzou could not quite match the four-hour game time against Alabama’s energy and fell short from the last victory.

For the doubles, the Crimson Tide took the point after winning on court two which was played by Gabrielle Goldin and Valentina Vazquez for Mizzou, 6-1, and on court three which was played by Ellie Wright and Bronte Murgett for Mizzou, 6-2. Whilst on court one, seniors Marta Oliveria and Serena Nash led 5-2, when play was stopped against Moka Ito and Loudmilla Bencheikh of Alabama.

Within singles play, Mizzou won three matches, claiming victories on court two which was played by Murgett, 6-0,6-2, against Alabama’s Ito. Court five which was played by Elys Ventura, 7-6, 6-3 straight set wins against Anne Marie Hiser and on court six Oliveria defeated Sydney Riley, 6-1, 6-3. Whilst Alabama won the remaining three matches on courts one, three and four.

Ending the match, Alabama won four to Mizzou’s three. With this close loss, Mizzou plans to be prepared and ready for No. 17 Auburn on Sunday, March 28 at 11:00 a.m. at the Mizzou Tennis Complex. This match will also be the honor of seniors, Gabrielle Goldin, Serena Nash and Kat Rosenberger prior to the match.

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