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No. 36 Mizzou tennis hosted No. 9 Vanderbilt on Saturday afternoon at the Mizzou Tennis Complex. The Tigers are 1-4 in SEC play while the Commodores are 3-2 in SEC play. Unfortunately for Mizzou, Vanderbilt proved to their ranking and triumphed over to a 4-2 victory.

For the doubles, the Tiger number one team played by Bronte Murgett and Marta Oliveira dominated the Commorades with a 6-3 victory. Vanderbilt’s number two team was played by Emma Kurtz and Marcella Cruz who didn’t let Mizzou’s team gain a point and ended with a 6-1 victory. Now making both teams 1-1 in doubles play. Mizzou responded to this tied game coming into the number three team, Serena Nash and Ellie Wright didn’t back down and gave Vanderbilt the back end of their rackets. The Tigers ended the play with a 6-2 victory.

Coming into singles play, The Tigers couldn’t pull out a win as they lost all singles besides one, which was Ellie Wright for Mizzou against Anna Ross for Vanderbilt. Wright had felt short in the first set, 2-6, but immediately came back with ragging offensive play in the second and third sets giving the Commorades 4-6 and 2-6 lost on court three for the match. This performance continued showing Wrights’s winning ways and improved her ranking in singles play to 15-6 for the season.

Up next, Mizzou will now hit the road for the first time in SEC play this season, as they travel to Florida Friday, March 12th,  and South Carolina on Sunday, March 14th.


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