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Mizzou Volleyball finished their last home game of the season with a two-match series against Texas A&M, Friday March 19 and Saturday March 20. The Tigers started out with a 3-0 match win against A&M Friday. Saturday was Senior Night for the four seniors, Kylie Deberg, Andrea Fuentes, Dariana Hollingswort-Santana and Jaden Newsome.

Mizzou started out the match with service errors coming from A&M gaining the initial lead. Texas did not back down on their offensive side, by giving the tigers some dominance play. Making the score 4-2. There was a back and forth of obtaining the lead from both ends, finishing Texas A&M’s way as they took the first set, 25-22.

Second set rolls around and it was not looking good from the Tigers. They were crushed by their own attack errors. Finally getting the first point for Mizzou, Claudia Dillon strikes a kill to the opponents making the score 4-1. The streak of kills did not end there with Anna Dixon giving two back-to-back and alongside Deberg also giving back-to-back kills increasing the score to 10-9. The energy didn’t stop there for Mizzou as their defense made it impossible for A&M to reach a lead point. Hollingswort ends set two with a kill, 25-19.

The third set is on to begin, as both teams are 1-1 on the match play. Deberg gives Mizzou their first lead within the set with a service ace. A&M reacted to the last set’s energy with a kill from London Austin-Roark, making the score 5-4, Aggies. Unable to keep that lead under Mizzou’s pressure, A&M fell short again to the Tigers with another kill by Hollingsworth-Santana, 25-17.

Coming into the fourth set, the Tigers hope this is their last and final set of the match. Like the previous sets Mizzou started out with the first point. They showed great defensive skills and were not letting up for A&M. The Aggies immediately took Mizzou tiredness into account and brought on the offense.  Serving the Tigers a service ace, it gained them the lead 21-19. The Tigers could not get back from their attack errors giving A&M the fourth set, 25-22.

Now both teams are 2-2 for the match, a fifth and final set is played until 15 points. Deberg gets the set from Emily Brown dishes a kill to the opponents, gaining the lead in the set. Coming into the set, both teams are fighting for dominance, but a kill from Hollingsworth-Santana would push the Tigers into their set point. They gained set five by a power block from Deberg and Dillon, winning the set 15-11, and giving the Tigers the win on Senior Night. 

To close their regular season play, the Tigers travel to Starkville, Mississippi to face Mississippi State. On March 24 and 25 on SEC Network +.

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