By Savannah Taffe, MUTV-23 News Reporter


As the weather heats up, cooling down with a Frozen Greek yogurt dessert is the ideal plan for Yanni Bullock. Yanni Bullock is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Missouri in Columbia, specializing in Food Science. Bullock has put together a “consumers’ hedonic liking” test of frozen desserts for Mizzou students that are 18 and older to participate in. 


“The goal of my study is to assess the suitability of utilizing Greek-style yogurt as an ingredient in frozen desserts,” Bullock explains.


Bullock works under Mizzou’s Food Science department, which focuses on meat, wine, and dairy, but Bullock’s fellowship specializes in ice cream. Through his fellowship, Bullock has had the opportunity to provide participants with his own frozen Greek Yogurt concoctions.


“I make my own Greek yogurt from scratch and then I apply that to a purchased mix due to the conditions of COVID-19”, said Bullock.


Once Bullock’s frozen treats are ready to be consumed he makes them available for willing participants to give their feedback on the taste. Although Bullock has been successful in conducting his research, COVID-19 has brought about challenges that disrupt his usual experimental process. 


“It’s a matter of adjusting to your environment,” says Bullock. “To practice social distancing, I only bring in two at a time … I actually have time slots for people to come in.” 


COVID-19 has had a disruptive pattern on daily activities, but Yanni Bullock refuses to allow COVID-19 to disrupt his production of experimental frozen dessert flavors.


“It doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-COVID or not, I enjoy what I do, and I will not let a pandemic stop me from conducting work,” says Bullock.


Students at Mizzou can participate in Yanni Bullock’s “Consumers’ Hedonic Liking” test of Frozen Desserts by signing up on this website. Call (573) 882-4113 for more information on this study and others to come. 


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