By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA- The Green Dot Program is a nationwide campus initiative to promote active bystander actions in situations of sexual assault or partner violence. 

Within Mizzou’s campus, conferences and presentations are used to educate community members on how to identify and react to “red dots” which are instances of abuse, harmful jokes or sexual assault. When someone becomes an active bystander and expresses violence intolerance to these situations, one is doing a “green dot.” 

The program’s goal is to impact communities like college campuses in a positive way to promote green dots and lower sexual assault and violence rates (red dots). By educating campus members on sexual assault, this can help prevent harmful situations from happening. 

This important initiative has helped many college campuses like Mizzou create safer environments for students and staff. Brynn Szukala, Mizzou’s Prevention and Outreach Coordinator, states, “It’s proven to be effective at reducing violence on campus, and the program creators, Altruistic, travel and train members from these campuses to implement the Green Dot program in their communities.” Green Dot is a powerful step in a positive direction to making communities safer and more aware. 

The Green Dot Program has proven to be a reliable resource for communities and strives to encourage active bystanders and end sexual assault and violence. To learn more about Mizzou’s Green Dot Program or to sign up for an informative event, go to Mizzou’s Relationship and Sexual Assault Prevention Center’s website.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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