By Bailey Pierson, E23 Reporter

If you are like me, and you like getting involved in anything and everything on campus, you probably took advantage of the Mocktails and Masterpieces event on Tuesday. The event that took place in The Shack, was the perfect way to unleash my inner starving artist.

Students painted in The Shack for Mocktails and MasterpiecesStarting off the event right, the first matter that was tended to was the mocktail. A table at the entrance was lined with juices, sodas, sherbet, and anything else one would need to concoct the perfect beachy beverage.

There were three different flavors, all going with the tropical vibe: pineapple-orange, sherbet, and cranberry-orange. I took the drink a little too excitedly, and could not stop drinking it once I started. They were absolutely phenomenal.
The fruity mocktails were paired with a decorative straw and a festive umbrella that was definitely the cherry on top.

Walking in to the back of the Shack was surprising, because unlike what I thought, the event was only allotted five tables to work on. This actually was not a problem, because to my surprise it was not super crowded. The main crowd was there for the sports game that was playing on the screens surrounding our peaceful painting. And the Students painted in The Shack for Mocktails and Masterpiecespeople around us were not loud either, so it was actually really quiet.

Each table was set up with cute and colorful tablecloths with a small floral arrangement in dainty mason jars, which added a sense of inspiration and relaxation. It was a great place to chill with your friends, eat food from Mort’s, and paint your
heart out.

Overall, I would say the event was a success. The canvases were perfectly sized to paint, the table space was just right, and the color selection provided far exceeded what I had thought would be there. If you did not make it to this wonderful event, do not worry! Check out Stuff to Do at Mizzou for more arts and crafts, concerts, movies and more!

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