By Alaina Vacante, GMM reporter

When faced with the task of trying to balance the never-ending list of things to do sometimes it’s best take a break — which is exactly what I did this past week on the Friday afternoon of January 26, at the latest Mocktails and a Masterpiece.

This event, put on by the Student Union Programming Board (SUPB), gave students the opportunity to sit back, have a drink (non-alcoholic of course) and paint their afternoon away. This student organization decided to go with an Olympic theme and gave the choice between three mocktails: bubble tea, sangria, and root beer floats. As a fan of the tapioca pearls my decision was clear but despite my craving, it seemed most students prompted for the Sangria option.

Soon enough the line carried me to a table which was full of canvases but lacking in paint brushes. The popularity of the event had gone beyond the expectations of the SUPB, leaving participants short of painting tools. However, that didn’t stop the fun. Sure, it may have meant some had to wait a while longer for the color of paint, or brush, they wanted but having to ask others to share only created conversation between fellow Tigers. This made the event a lot more welcoming and allowed me to make new friends.

While looking around it seemed as though absolutely everyone was enjoying themselves. Each person, artistically inclined or not, was painting their heart out. The group of girls who were kind enough to share their table with me drew inspiration from different ideas on Pinterest, while others decided to make something that was completely their own.

Mocktails and a Masterpiece seemed to me to be a PG version of the “paint and sip” fad. Columbia’s very own “The Canvas On Broadway” offers a similar activity of painting paired with adult grape juice. Yet considering many on campus are still drinking Welches this was a great opportunity for them to get a taste of that experience.

I spoke with student Natalie Gray about her time at Mocktails and a Masterpiece. She expressed enthusiasm for the activity and said she would definitely attend another event like this again. Luckily for her the Student Union Programming Board puts on a variety of events throughout the semester ranging from “Be a Kid Night” to an “MU Chopped Competition”. Mocktails and Masterpiece is a reoccurring event that has been running for at least two years and will be happening again later this semester on April 13!

Attending this event helped me to alleviate the stress I’d been holding onto throughout the week. This may have a been a very simple event, but it did its job. I walked out of The Shack with a canvas under my arm and smile on my face, with no doubt in my mind I would be sure come back again.

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