By Zairai Moore, GMM Reporter

Highly recommended movie to watch and book to read. Directed by George Tillman Jr. and based on the novel by Angie Thomas. This movie is fictional but is very relatable and touches on problems that we see today.

Starr Carter is the main character. She is a teenager that is struggling with identity, love, and voice. She goes to a private school but lives in a totally different neighborhood. Ultimately, she lives in two worlds.

The movie is a must see because it’s for everyone. It was a movie that could resonate with everyone not just people of color. Just a fair warning, the movie is a little emotional and I recommend watching it with someone else.

Here’s a synopsis: One night, Starr witnesses her best friend being shot by a cop. This is something that we see today, but the movie and the book go beyond the typical story of police brutality against minorities. It explores the relationships she has with her ex-gang banger dad, racist friend, her uncle that is a cop and her white boyfriend. Starr’s light shines through the whole movie a is a coming of age story that some are living through today.

MUTV Exec, GMM Digital Director