MSA President Xavier Billingsley delivered his first monthly address of the academic school year on Tuesday September 6, 2012. He discusses his plan to get students involved in national, state, and local level governments.  MSA, along with two other organizations, have registered over one thousand students to vote in November’s upcoming election.

MSA’s new project, Tiger Pantry is set to open October 2nd, which focuses on providing short term assistance to those in need and being a part of a solution to hunger in the Mizzou community. This year, MSA hopes to increase public transportation. Last week they launched a new program called Mizzou Bike Share.  This program allows students to go to the front desk of the Student Center, fill out a waiver, and rent a bike for a full twenty-four hours. After hearing students’ concerns last year about bus transportation, MSA hopes to promote Tiger Lines three new and convenient bus routes. One route can take student to campus view, Hy-Vee, and Wal-Mart and other popular locations; the other two routes take students through the campus, downtown, and Greek Town every night until 1:30 am.

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