MSA Says “Enough is Enough”




Sarah Sabatke – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The Missouri Student Association’s “Enough is Enough” campaign has gained momentum on campus, in an effort to educate students about ways to prevent sexual violence.

The campaign was created by the MSA in response to incidences of sexual assault during past semesters. The MSA wanted to do something visible to students and faculty and to advocate for more education on the topic of sexual violence.

“The biggest things we’re working on is awareness, education, and implementation…making sure that students are not passive bystanders,” said MSA Vice President Matt McKeown.

McKeown acknowledged that there is no easy way to eradicate sexual violence, but that a culture change is needed in order to see real improvement.

“We know that the [Enough is Enough] video alone will not end sexual assault, but we want to contribute to a change in culture. The video shows students that we won’t stand for it, and neither should they,” said McKeown.

MSA has been working closely with the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center throughout the campaign. The legislative power of MSA combined with the experience and resources of the RSVP Center provide students with numerous ways to get involved in the fight against sexual violence.

The RSVP Center’s mission is to “educate, prevent, and respond to incidences of sexual violence” on campus, and RSVP Center coordinator Danica Wolf hopes that the “Enough is Enough” campaign will help to unify the campus around preventing rape and sexual assault from occurring.

“The “Enough is Enough” campaign really gives a concrete way to learn more, whether it’s requesting a presentation, attending a green dot training, or even just checking out the spaces and learning more about the resources available,” said Wolf.

There are multiple ways for students to get involved with the campaign. Students will be able to sign a pledge against sexual violence in Speaker’s Circle during the coming weeks, as well as a checklist on the MSA website with ways to prevent sexual violence.

The MSA will also be hosting an event on Oct. 28 titled “These Hands,” in the student center. “These Hands” is a national symbolic campaign, where students pledge that their hands will not hurt another individual. Resource tables, such as MUPD and the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center, will also be there to talk about how they relate to the issue and how students can get involved.

Students can also get involved with the RSVP through joining one of their many organizations.

“STARS, Stronger Together Against Relationship and Sexual Violence, is an organization through which students can plan events in conjunction with the RSVP Center. Students can also apply to become an RSVP educator, and reach out to educate others across campus about the importance of sexual violence prevention,” said Wolf.

Although the campaign was created by a relatively small group of people, it has the potential to benefit the entire MU community. This is everyone’s campus, and it is time to declare that “Enough is Enough.”


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