By Jacob Cavaiani, 23News Reporter

This article has been updated to reflect a more recent count of the number of students that have mumps. Updated information about MSA’s response has also been added. 

MU student leaders are advised to cancel nonessential events as the number of students with mumps continues to increase.

In an email to student leaders, campus health officer Dr. Susan Even and vice chancellor for student affairs Cathy Scroggs strongly recommended the cancellation of nonessential events with more than 12 students, especially those involving food and drinks.

If food must be served, Even and Scroggs recommend using individual, prepackaged food. Unnecessary personal contact such as sharing food and drinks should also be avoided, according to the email.

The MU Student Health Center has identified 128 cases of mumps. Even and Scroggs advised student leaders to take precautions, as students exposed to the virus this week could develop symptoms during exam week and winter break.

All of the students with mumps have met the immunization requirements. A majority of the students are affiliated with Greek Life. MU is working with the Boone County Health Department, State of Missouri and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite Even’s and Scroggs’ recommendations, Missouri Students Association Senate Speaker Mark McDaniel originally said Wednesday’s full senate meeting will still be held. This decision was later reversed. In an email, MSA adviser Bryan Goers said one MSA leader has mumps. McDaniel reiterated the importance of handwashing and taking steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

More information about mumps can be found on the MU Student Health Center’s website.

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