By Haley Broughton

The University of Missouri’s botanic garden was ranked one of the top ten “Most Beautiful College arboretums” by

The reasoning? The Mizzou Botanic Gardens are able to connect with students. There are many volunteer programs through the Gardens such as helping plant new flowers or trees. Occasionally students in the horticulture programs are able to help in planting and landscaping as well.

The MU landscape maintenance team works year round to ensure the Mizzou Botanical Gardens remain healthy and attractive.

There are 18 distinct botanical gardens on campus ranging from the Peony Garden to the Butterfly Garden. Each offers a very specific range of plants. The Peony Garden, for example, has 6 breeds of Peony along with 3 other flower and grass selections to keep things pretty.

According the Mizzou Botanic Garden website the tallest tree on campus is the Pin Oak located north of Schlundt Hall.

Back in June of 2010 Mizzou Weekly reported that the Gardens had six trees become state champions by the Missouri Department of Conservation. They won because of their girth- according to the Department of Conservation, large trees aid urban areas in many ways. The six trees that won were only some of the Gardens’ thousands of trees.

The Mizzou Botanic Gardens uses as many native Missouri species as possible although there are some species from Europe and northern Asia. They say they are always aware of invasive species, however.

If you look closely at the labels provided at the base of the plants, many were donated to the university or planted in memory of a late MU alum.

The Mizzou Botanic Garden is the MU campus- it’s open year round and is free to the public. All are encouraged to visit and students are encouraged to enjoy the view.