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Missouri Students Association President Sean Earl and Director of Greater Missouri Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Tim McIntosh led a discussion on student’s expectations from the new chancellor at the Chancellor Open Forum Wednesday, January 25.

“The new chancellor should be approachable to campus community and create a happy balance between that and external work”, Matt Bourke, President of Residence Halls Association, said.

Most of the attendees said they wanted a chancellor who was transparent,  honest and open-minded.

“He needs to be personable, someone others can respect and someone who carries the missions and visions of MU with integrity”, Tyler Brumfield, representative of the Black Culture Center, said.

Former chancellor R. Bowen Loftin resigned following the Concerned Student 1950 protests and criticism from nine deans, according to the Columbia Tribune. Hank Foley has been serving as interim chancellor since January.

One representative of the Legion of Black Collegians, Razia Hutchins, spoke about the racial division on the MU campus. She views MU as being divided along racial lines and wishes different communities would interact more. She also cited concerns about safety on campus.

When McIntosh asked what would make the new chancellor a successful one, Ida Campbell-Jones, another representative of LBC, said she wants diversity in not just administration and the campus community but also in discussions like the Chancellor Open Forum.

Monroe “Bud” Moseley, Vice President of Isaacson, Miller, jokingly said past chancellors didn’t realize they wanted the job until it was offered to them.

“It is never about the money. They don’t ask us about the money until the eleventh hour, or the kind of house they will live in. Those are important but they want to know what needs to be done right away,” Moseley said.

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