MU Hosts Protest Poetry Slam

Jalyn Henderson

On Friday, Feb. 20, MU Students and community members gathered to celebrate Black History Month with a Protest Poetry Slam Competition.

A total of six contestants participated in the Slam, not only striving to receive the cash prize of $100, but also to get their messages heard.

Black History Month Event Committee Member, Monica Hand coordinated the event in hopes to liven community and student involvement with social issues.

“Since the events of Michael Brown, I came to campus charged about my role as a writer in making change,” said Hand.

Contestant performed pieces centered on the struggles of black citizens in modern society.

“There are still things that are wrong that are talked about being changed, but aren’t,” said Slam Winner Marshall Allen.

Although MU hosts several Black History events, many students felt a significant connection to the Slam.

“This event means celebrating my culture, celebrating the things that make us who we are and have made the history that we have,” said Slam Contestant Dominiese Jackson.

The Slam also had guest celebrity poet, Treasure Shields Redmond. The poems she performed focused on social and judicial inequalities she faced in her life.

“There’s more questioning of what it means to be a citizen, what it means to be an American, it’s showing up in music and poetry,” said Redmond.

The winners of the Slam were Sequioa Moore and Marshall Allen, for their pieces, Black History Month Ain’t Shit and Change by Be Young.

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