by Graham Ambrose

The crowd was sent into uproarious laughter last Thursday at MU Improv’s third show of the school year, titled “You Will Be Bullied.” As the name would imply, the improv team took it upon themselves to lob insults at an audience eager to be “roasted.” 

Senior Maddie Bunten has been part of MU Improv for 4 years, and she stated the group had clear-cut rules for what kinds of comedic jabs to make towards the spectators.“For this particular show, we didn’t want to force anyone to be a part of it,” said Bunten. “We also try not to punch down on people and not make fun of things they cannot control, like their race or sexuality. It’s all in good fun.”

The team’s main rule for their insults was to primarily direct their comedy towards people wearing red shirts, as well as people who raised their hand or cheered as a sign of agreement to be made fun of.

The show was divided into 3 sections: Meat Sweats, Ripped Butterflies, and Snail Trail. The sketches performed included a talent show with interpretive dance and swordplay, a feud between two estranged sewer rats, and one set at an old abandoned amusement park. 

The group has several shows planned for the near future, including a “business show,” in which the performers dress up in business attire for their routines. Senior Ben Plentiss gave a rundown of the shows he was most excited to be a part of.

“I’m really excited for our ‘New Kid Show’ at the end of the semester, especially since we have a lot of new participants who’ve been working really hard,” Plentiss said. “I’m also really looking forward to our Halloween show, because we get to incorporate costumes into our performance, and hopefully the audience will dress up for it too.”

MU Improv will continue to put on shows every Thursday at The Shack.

Edited by Ryan Cohen

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