MU Students Showcase Comedy Skills



Morgan Taylor – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer


On Thursday, Feb. 12 MU students hosted the Comedy Showcase, where MU improv groups showcased their skills and what they have in store for the spring.

MU Improv, Battlewhale, MU stand-up comedians and Comedy Wars were all at The Shack participating in the showcase.

MU Improv made the show interactive by playing games that the audience could participate. One of the games included the audience, and three of the performers. Two performers had to act out whatever topic the audience said and the third person would say “bing”. Whenever they said “bing” the people on stage had to switch characters and play each other’s role.

“My favorite skit was the last one done by Battlewhale, I loved that one,” said audience member Alana Rasmussen.

Rasmussen enjoyed the skits for many reasons, but one of them was for the puppet scenes.

“…Just for some reason the guy was so good at playing a puppet, I don’t know I just think the smallest things are funny like the things that I don’t even know if they are meant to be funny. It’s just like those small things like his voice was just so perfect and when he said “I need something sweet” I died, I just thought it was hilarious”.

The Shack was filled as students were laughing and having a great time. It was a good breather before the first of semester exams for students. Be looking for more events this spring from MU student run improv groups.

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