MU Welcomes New Provost

Morgan Taylor – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, MU faculty and staff hosted a welcoming reception at the Alumni Center for the new MU Provost, Garnett S. Stokes.

Provost Stokes, after declining many other provost job offers from other colleges, accepted MU’s offer and she says she is excited to be working at MU. In her speech, Stokes talked about how excited she was to start working here and how she couldn’t wait to get started working with different groups, staff members and students at MU. She said how great of a school MU is and that she has many new ideas for that she can’t wait to get started on.

Students and staff all expressed gratitude for Stokes acquiring her new position. Staff members are excited for her changes to MU and what she is going to bring to the table. Bill Costello, head of Boone County National Bank said he was looking forward to new ideas and fresh thinking as well as saying Stokes brought much needed energy to campus.

There is excitement throughout Columbia about Provost Stokes arrival at MU. Many think she has a lot to offer and that she will be a great addition to MU staff.

Peyton Head, MSA Student body President, thought there were a lot of things to take away from the event but mainly focused on her outside experience.

“I think Mizzou can learn a lot from her, every new person that steps into a position here form an outside campus brings so many perspectives,” said Head.

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