By Archer Cole, MUTV-23 News Reporter


COLUMBIA – The University of Missouri Wellness Center, located on the ground floor of the MU Student Center (G202), is having a pickup for sexual health products from Feb. 8 to Feb. 15.

It hosts a virtual location for all Mizzou students to fill out a form to describe what sort of sexual health products and contraceptives they request. Students then have to place an order for one of ten combinations of products: 

  • 10 external condoms, 10 lubricant
  • 10 external condoms (non-latex), 10 lubricant
  • 10 internal condoms (non-latex), 10 lubricant
  • 10 oral dams, 10 lubricant
  • 8 external condoms, 2 internal condoms (non-latex), 10 lubricant
  • 8 external condoms (non-latex), 2 internal condoms (non-latex), 10 lubricant
  • 8 external condoms, 2 oral dams, 10 lubricant
  • 6 internal condoms (non-latex), 4 oral dams, 10 lubricant
  • 2 packs of finger cots (6 cots/bag), 4 oral dams, 4 internal condoms (non-latex), 10 lubricant
  • 6 oral dams, 4 packs of finger cots (6 cots/bag), 10 lubricant

More information relating to the Wellness Center can be located here

The Wellness Center hopes that they can do their part in decreasing unwanted STDs, transmissions, and pregnancies on their campus. 

Besides providing pickups for sexual products, the Wellness Resource Center also serves as a division of student affairs, providing support and guidance to all University of Missouri students. 

It offers advice and counsel on the physical and mental well being of students while providing equal assistance on handling the Covid-19 pandemic on college grounds.


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