By Veronica Mohesky and Alexandra Sharp, 23News Reporters

Polaroid in hand, MU’s Women’s Center launches week of body positivity with a click.

Love Your Body week began Monday, Oct. 23 and runs through Thursday Oct. 26 with the goal of advocating healthy body practices and self-love. Danielle Palomo, event coordinator, views the week as a time to celebrate oneself’s image.

“We really want to get the message out that it’s okay to love yourself as you are,” Palomo said.

The first event, located in Speakers Circle, used the phrase “I Love My Body Because” to kickstart a social media campaign. Working behind a bright yellow booth, Lexi Gonzalez, Women’s Center volunteer staff member, demonstrated how each participant would write their own ending to the phrase, giving personal meaning to the slogan.

“Anybody can come up and write down on the whiteboard as to why they love their body and we’ll take a cute picture of it off the polaroid,” Gonzalez said. “And they can either keep the Polaroid or they can donate it to the center and we’ll put up like a cute collage of pictures on our window.”

Love Your Body week has been a yearly event, passed on to Palomo as the new coordinator. Palomo believes past success indicates that the event is something students should be able to experience.

“[Love Your Body week is] something that I feel like I should keep going,” Palomo said. “Our students love it and they love the activities and I think it’s just a good message for a lot of men and women to hear.”

With friends in tow, senior Rachel Hopson was excited to participate in this year’s events. As a group, Hopson and her friends wrote they love their bodies because “it’s one of a kind”.

“We just kind of recognize that we’re all beautiful because our bodies are so unique and different,” Hobson said. “And so I just thought it was fun to be able to get together with a group of women who are all so different and just embrace one another and the way we’re made.”

The celebration continues through Thursday, Oct. 26. For more information, you can visit the Women’s Center website.

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