The University of Missouri Police Department arrested 23-year-old Courtney Chancellor for filing a false report of a robbery near Wolpers Hall.

“Using evidence from surveillance cameras, we interviewed Courtney Chancellor, and she confessed that she had reported the crime falsely,” MUPD Chief Doug Schwandt said in a press release.

MU Alert notified students after receiving the robbery report on Thursday. The initial emergency text alerts did not include the location of the incident.

“We apologize; this omission was due to human error, and we take full responsibility,” Vice Chancellor of Operations Gary Ward said in a news release. “We have identified the cause for the error, and it has been corrected. We will meet today, and those involved with sending alert messages will review the processes in an endeavor to prevent a recurrence of this error in future emergency alerts.”

Students were not notified by MU Alert after MUPD arrested Chancellor, a food delivery driver.

“That’s not the purpose of MU Alert,” MU spokesman Christian Basi said. “MU Alert is designed to alert individuals if there is an immediate danger or threat to their safety.”

MUPD declined to comment.

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