MU’s Campus Fills with Homecoming Floats

Zoe Branco – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

MU’s campus was filled this Saturday as students and alumni came to see this year’s Homecoming parade.

This year marked the 103rd annual Homecoming celebration at MU, the birthplace of this age-old tradition. Mizzou Homecoming has grown into one of the largest student-run celebrations of its kind. Events such as the decoration contests between residence halls, the skits at Greek Town, the annual blood drive, the food drive, and of course the parade lead up to the game against Vanderbilt.

On Saturday, hundreds of children, students, and alumni flocked to MU’s campus to watch this year’s parade. The celebration was filled with floats made by sororities and fraternities, bands, and residents of Columbia.

First-time students were thrilled to be attending their first parade. Leslie Day, MU Freshman stated that the floats were creative and it was evident that a lot of work was put into their production.

Not only did students enjoy the hard work put into the floats, but so did children at the parade. Hannah Spray, daughter of MU Alumni loved the themes of them and how much work sororities and fraternities put into the floats.

Jena Brotherton, MU Student, also loved the bands that performed throughout the parade. MU’s band was in attendance as well as high schools located throughout Columbia.

“It hasn’t changed in the sense in that it always drew a big crowd,” said MU Alumni, Michelle Spray.

This year’s homecoming parade was a huge success in pumping up the crowd before the big game against Vanderbilt.

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