MU’s Cultural Diversity Was Celebrated Through the International Bazzar

Samantha Kummerer- MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Beginning in 1974, MU cultures have come together on the 4th Tuesday of each September in celebration of MU’s International Day.

This year’s celebration began with the traditional flag procession, a parade welcoming international students while celebrating the diversity on campus. The event saw an increase in student volunteers, as many as 50 student volunteers proudly carried a variety of nations’ flags across campus.

Following the procession, the MSA International Programming Committee and Missouri’s International Student Council sponsored the International Bazzar in Memorial Student Union.

“A tradition that is embedded in the Mizzou international culture and it continues to be apart of the events going on with the International Center and International Day”

Caitlyn Gallip, the  International Programming Committee Chair, said.

The event allowed cultures from around the world to join together in celebration of their varying cultures and traditions.

Seven international student organizations were presented at this year’s Bizzar. Members of the Columbia community and MU students of all backgrounds were invited to enrich their cultural awareness and partake in the varying international food.

“We really just celebrate Mizzou’s Diversity and raised everyone’s awareness   of the global pursuits we have on campus and how many international students we have here,” Shannon Orbe , the Missouri International Student Council activity chair, said.

The International Bizzar is one of the multiple events hosted by the university drawing on the campus’ immense diversity. Tuesday’s event marks a tradition of joining together the varying cultures and nations in celebration of MUs diversity.


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