By Elly Laliberté, MUTV-23 News Reporter

COLUMBIA- The band has adapted by incorporating new practice schedules, social distance protocols and new masks to ensure the safety of all of its musicians. The 200-plus masks the band purchased to follow COVID-19 protocols was a donation from Mizzou alumnus, Dr. Bill Moyes. 

“There’s just so many things that we have done to keep our students safe,” said Amy Knopps, Marching Mizzou Associate Director of Bands, when talking about the new masks.

The masks purchased with the donation are specifically designed for musicians who play woodwind instruments. There is an insert in the masks that allows the musicians to play, and a flap over this insert prevents the spread of any germs. 

When asked what it was like to play with one of the masks, Mizzou sophomore Joy Mazur said, “It was a little hard at first [to get used to], but I’ve gotten used to it…the masks were a little big but you can tighten them up.”

Marching Mizzou has ensured safety and unity with the new masks. The band has provided other players with masks in the same color to add their uniform look. The professionalism and safety of Marching Mizzou have been sustained throughout the pandemic.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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