MUTV and KCOU Host Battle of the Bands Pt. 1

By: Kate Fallon, E23 Web Director

Alright Tigers! It’s that time of year. The third annual Battle of the Bands has started in the Shack! The first band up is Dangerfield, a band right from Columbia, Mo.

Dangerfield has a mix of indie pop and classic rock sound with a kick-ass female lead singer. Each member has a large and diverse musical background and they all bring something new to the band, shown in the songs they play. Founded in 2013, the band first started to preform in the spring of 2014. Their band has played in St. Louis and Columbia and has released one EP. Their sound is very eclectic. Bringing in notes of Guns n Roses, Jack White, and Built To Spill, they create an amazingly unique vibe with their music which mashes up multiple popular indie and rock songs.

The crowd at the Shack is loving the vibe of this group, many moving to the music and singing along with the notes.

Dangerfield has another show on November 4 at Roxy’s in Columbia, Mo.

Their last song, “Okay, Let’s Go” was an upbeat, energy-filled rock song mixed with a melodic tempo. With a steady bass and drum beat, their lyrics picked up the vibe in the Shack and kept fans on their feet with their transitions between upbeat and slow melody throughout the course of the song.

E23’s Priyanka Khanna has an interview with the band after their performance. Check it out on MUTV’s lifestream on channel 23!