MUTV and KCOU Host Battle of the Bands Pt. 3

By: Kate Fallon, E23 Web Director

Penniless Profits is the third group to perform tonight, Tigers and WOW did they blow away the fans at the first note.

Their music is loud, crazy, and incredibly rock and roll. Introducing themselves as, “A poor man’s band,” Penniless Profits is sure to have the fans all rocking in their seats.

Penniless Profits hails from the River City and guitarist Marcus Wildhaber and vocalist/bassist Logan Wyatt have found a wonderful match with their new percussionist, Blake Stockman.

After a slight mishap with the bass guitarist, the band continued their set and continued to win fans over.

They are diverse in musical backgrounds, but look to bands such as Albert King, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Aphrodite’s Child, ELP, and The Grateful Dead for inspiration. They pride themselves on their improv jams and almost all of their music is improv jams, some songs with basic structure like most jazz compositions. Penniless Profits transitioned between blues-like beats to King Crimson-esque vibe throughout their performance.

Their last song, “Just Go Ahead,” pulled us into the full feel of their music with a steady bass and something that we could all move to.

I have an excessive interview with them after the show. Check out MUTV’s lifestream of it on channel 23 to watch!