MUTV and KCOU Host Battle of the Bands Pt. 4

By: Kate Fallon, E23 Web Director

The fourth band to grace our stage in the Shack tonight is Aven and Heney from right here at Mizzou. They are an acoustic rock and blues singer-songwriter duo.

“Thomas and I have known each other since we were young, we first started playing together freshman year of high school,” Tim Aven said.¬†“Thomas initially taught me how to play guitar. By the end of high school I had learned enough where we could start playing shows together. And freshman year here at Mizzou we got serious about playing together.”

Man, have those years together payed off for them. We are totally feeling their vibe. Fans at the Shack are swaying rocking out their chill beat.

They play anything from country music to Eric Clapton and have their very own EP, “Out,” up on iTunes. They are looking to get the next one out by November!

Their sound is a soft rock beat with an upbeat drum mixed with rad guitar solos by Thomas Heney. The two usually play by themselves, however their drummer accompanied them for this show.

Fans stood and cheered after their performance.

I have a live interview with them! Check it out on MUTV’s livestream on channel 23 in Columbia.