MUTV and KCOU Host Battle of the Bands Pt. 5

By: Kate Fallon, E23 Web Director

Almost over Tigers!! The last band to play at the third annual MUTV and KCOU Battle of the Bands is Ray Wild.

They are more than  a crowd pleaser with their first song where their electric guitarist just played the melody with his tongue.


Ray Wild is an incredible combo of shredding guitar, groovy basslines, and sexy vocals that is here to bring back that funky rock and roll. The lead singer has an incredible voice and the soft rock/indie sound is rocking the Shack tonight.

The band states that they draw their inspiration from, “the rock gods of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

The all male group is turning heads and swaying hearts tonight, folks. Ending the night with a softer sound, yet jam-packed with rock and roll vibes from yesteryear.

The fans are tapping their frets and banging their heads in agreement with the powerful sound.

The three song set incorporated powerful drums and bass beats with soul moving vocals all magnified with the talented electric guitar strumming the melody.

Ray Wild got the audience involved in their last song and had us clapping alone to the awesome bass solo.

Stay tuned for my interview with the band on Columbia’s channel 23.