‘My Favorite Thing is to Write and Tell Jokes’: Seth Meyers Interviewed

Monday, March 19 –

Seth Meyers is taking over America one college campus at a time and stopped to talk to us during his time at Mizzou.

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Meyers has quickly become one of the most influential comics of our time. His current college tour is an unbelievable success, and his television career is as accomplished as ever.

Not only does Meyers currently serve as the head writer for Saturday Night Live, as well as the host of its segment Weekend Update, but he is currently the longest tenured Saturday Night Live cast member, having been a member since Season 27.

Amassing a multitude of fans, Meyers uses his charming humor to parody many of today’s political figures, such as Anderson Cooper, Prince Charles, John Kerry, Brian Williams and Donald Trump Jr. Meyers was also the mastermind behind Tina Fey’s now famous impression of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

As an actor, Meyers has appeared opposite Hollywood stars, Brendan Fraser, Anita Briem, Michael Cera and John Cho, not to mention his uproariously successful stint as the host of the ESPY awards on ESPN for the past two years and his invitation to be a keynote speaker at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011.

Seth Meyers recently visited our very own Jesse Hall, and sat down with MUTV News. Meyers talks about his comedy, fans, and SNL. Oh, and his dig at Missouri’s first round NCAA loss is priceless.

What would you like the audience to take away from your presentation?
Meyers: I hope it makes up for their lack of a Sweet 16 birth. I want to give them something to think about this weekend while they wish they could be watching basketball.

What’s your craziest encounter with a fan?

Meyers: That’s a very good question. I guess one time I was going across the street New York and a guy stood next to me and yelled “Oh my God!” and I thought it was because he recognized me but it was that a lady down the street, who wasn’t hurt, had been knocked over by a car. So I guess he wasn’t actually a fan, but I felt like a jerk because I thought he was.

So you do a lot of different things like writing and acting, which is your favorite to do?
Meyers: I think my favorite thing is to write and tell jokes on Weekend Update or at places like the Correspondent’s Dinner or the ESPY’s. I like the control of being the one person who has to just deliver a joke, you know, where there’s just nothing else involved. I like the simplicity of that.

What has been the hardest sketch for you to keep your composure during?

Meyers: The hardest would be Stefon, like trying not to laugh when Bill [Hader] is doing that character. That’s one of the funniest characters I’ve ever had the honor of sitting next to, so that one’s pretty tough.

What do you do to keep yourself from cracking up?
Meyers: I’m very aware of when I’m on screen and when I’m off screen, so I just try to like pace it out and make sure that I’m laughing when the camera’s not on.

And lastly, who has been your favorite guest host on SNL?

Meyers: I’ve had so many. I will say that the nice thing about the show is that you have more [favorites] than not but I will say Mizzou’s own John Hamm.

– Jenn Croft
23 News
Staff Writer