Jacob Lang, 23 Sports Exec

COLUMBIA – The NCAA announced a decision Thursday morning to place sanctions on the University of Missouri athletic program. The sanctions come after a violation of NCAA ethical conduct, academic misconduct, and academic extra benefits rules by a former tutor in the Missouri athletic program, in which the tutor completed academic work for 12 MU student-athletes.

The NCAA report included that the violations happened, “Beginning in the summer of 2015 and continuing through the summer of 2016.” Both the tutor and MU admitted that her behavior violated bylaws in place.

Sanctions against Missouri include postseason bans for the 2018-19 baseball and softball teams and the 2019-20 football team.

The other big hit in sanctions came on the recruiting side. Each of the football, baseball, and softball teams received a five percent reduction in scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year. Each team also received recruiting restrictions, such as a seven-week ban on unofficial visits, a 12.5 percent reduction in official visits, and a seven-week ban on recruiting communications, among other things.

Other sanctions include “a vacation of records in which football, baseball, and softball student-athletes competed while ineligible,” per the NCAA report.

MU athletic director Jim Sterk announced the program’s intention to appeal the decision in a press release Thursday afternoon. Sterk stated, “We are shocked and dismayed by the penalties that have been imposed today and will aggressively fight for what is right.”

University of Missouri Chancellor Alexander N. Cartwright spoke in support of Sterk. Per the release, Cartwright states, “(Sterk) has instilled a culture of integrity and purpose in our program and has been a champion for academic excellence.”

Per the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee, a 110-day timetable is laid out for cases of appeal, but that may vary depending on the severity and complexity of the case.