By Cassidy Cunnyngham, E23 Reporter

Nothing is better than getting to watch Netflix on my Saturday off in my fuzzy socks and drinking coffee. When I got to watch the newest Netflix show, “Love,” I was beyond ecstatic! What’s even better is that this comedy got picked up for a second season, so binge away, my friends.

As I settled in with my coffee to watch, I was a little baffled. The show too quickly introduced a lot of characters. As the show proceeded, I dozed out, but then I woke up to see a sweet ending. I knew I had fallen in love.

As we get introduced to the major characters, we see Gus break up with his long-term girlfriend after she confides that she cheated on him. Mickey, one of the other main characters, has a horrible start with her boyfriend, who also happens to live at home. There is a fast progression in the show that I wasn’t expecting. I almost expected it to progress more slowly and less dramatically.

Starting in the beginning of the second episode, Mickey offers to pay Gus back for her coffee and cigarettes. As they make their way back to Mickey’s apartment from the gas station, she appears to have lost her wallet from the night before. Gus accompanies her while she retraces her steps from the previous evening.

I like how Mickey and Gus interact with each other. Their relationship is portrayed as pitiful friendship based on bad decisions. Clearly, Mickey is not a good influence on Gus, but I love that Gus keeps asking to get involved, like when Gus has Mickey take him to his ex-girlfriend’s house to go home.

Take a look at this show, my friends, because these actors are pure gold and are hilarious. If you’re done with homework for a day, take a look into this insightful comedy, because you will not regret the laughs you are about to have!