New basketball players impress in the black and gold scrimmage

Kim Anderson

By Benjamin Whalen, 23 Sports

Tuesday, Oct. 14-

Tiger fans returned to Mizzou Arena again this year for the first time on Tuesday night to get a sneak peak at their 2014-2015 Mizzou men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The night started off with the women’s team showing off their skills in a black vs. gold scrimmage. The black team, who was led by sophomore Kayla McDowell with nine points, would go on to defeat the gold team

Next up was the three-point contest. The winning team, which hit 14 threes, consisted of freshman guard Montaque Gill-Caesar and junior guard Morgan Stock.

The men’s team then illustrated their dunking skills in a dunk contest featuring red shirt junior transfer Deuce Bello, freshman Jakeenan Gant, and returning sophomore Wes Clark. Bello and Gant advanced to the final round with a windmill and a between the legs dunk.

In the final round each player completed two dunks. Bello stole the show with his first dunk being a 360 slam, followed by his final dunk, which shocked everyone. To win the contest Bello jumped over head coach Kim Anderson and stole the highlight of the night.

The events were capped off with the men’s team taking the court for their black and gold game. Senior forward Keanu Post led the game in scoring with 14 points for the black team, while junior forward Ryan Rosburg scored nine points to lead the way for the gold team.

Throughout the game, both teams were very evenly matched, eventually leading to a 35-35 tie.

The men’s team will return to the court with an exhibition against William Jewell on October 29. The game will be at the Hearnes Center due to the Mizzou Arena scoreboard renovation.

The Mizzou women’s team will kick off their season in an exhibition against Lindenwood University on November 5th.