By Carson Bierman, MUTV-23 News Reporter

COLUMBIA- #CampusClear is an app that all Mizzou students should be familiar with, but most couldn’t even
tell you what the app was for.

#CampusClear is an app for students, faculty, staff and even visitors to use for COVID-19
related symptoms tracking. The app prompts users to select symptoms they might be
experiencing or if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for

Freshman Ella Landers tracks her symptoms daily using the app. Landers learned about the
app through an upperclassman but widespread knowledge of the app is

“I and maybe one of my friends use my app, everyone else doesn’t… use it, or really even
know about the app,” Landers says.

When it comes to advertising the app to students, information has been sent out through
multiple emails from the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Bill Stackman.

An example of an email sent to students by Stackman that mentions use of the Campus Clear app.

The app has also been featured on many Mizzou students’ Snapchats as an ad.

Mizzou emailed students before the school year began, advising them to track their symptoms

using the #CampusClear app. #CampusClear iseven featured on MizzouOne.

The MizzouOne website states, “This app will also act as a pass to provide students, faculty,
and staff access to designated locations in the future.”

Many students on campus have never even heard of #CampusClear including freshman Egan

“I have never used [#CampusClear] and I have never been denied to go anywhere,” Marcinko

The application is accessible to anyone on Mizzou’s Campus but does not have a large
presence among the student body. Both Landers and Marcinko agreed that a larger awareness
of the app may help decrease the positivity rate of COVID-19 among students.

The app is free and can be accessed through Google Play, the App Store, or as a web app.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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