Newest Disney Movie: Moana

By: Olivia Rivers, E23 Reporter

Disney fans everywhere rejoice! Not only is Walt Disney Pictures set to bring Frozen 2 into the lives of animation lovers in the coming years, the company has announced that in 2016 they will also release a film about an entirely new character named Moana Waialiki. The movie, which is titled Moana, will take audiences along for a heroic journey fit for a Disney princess, or in this case, the daughter of a chief. Along for the adventure, which is set in Oceania, is the demi-god Maui.

With co-writers and co-directors Ron Clements and John Musker bringing this film into fruition, it’s hard to imagine it being anything less than an unforgettable watch. In case you don’t know who those guys are, they’re the ones who brought favorites like Aladdin (1992) and The Princess and the Frog (2009), as well as other classic Disney must watch films into our lives. John Musker, according to CNN Entertainment, stated that “[Moana is] the kind of character we all root for, and we can’t wait to introduce her to audiences”.

Though fans of Pacific Islander descent may be excited to see the first Disney film on the big screen with a princess that identifies with their ethnic background, excitement for the films’ release seems to be coursing through the veins of fans of everywhere. Those who have already gotten wind of the big 2016 release have taken to social media to voice their excitement on Disney’s newest movie. One Facebook comment written by a woman named Jasmine Jackson read as follows: “We get to see the movie 2 years earlier?!? :D” referring to Disney’s decision to release the film in 2016 as opposed to 2018, when it was originally supposed to be released.

Whether you’re old or young, male or female, it’s hard not to love anything Disney brings to the big screen. So be on the lookout for Moana in theatres 2016.