“Noah” Floods With Insight

By Grace Dwyer, E23

“Noah,” directed by Darren Aronofsky, is an intellectual and moving film. It features some of Hollywood’s well-known actors such as Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson. With the help of these actors, Aronofsky is able to present the conflict between religion and science successfully. “Noah” is a powerful display of creation and destruction, love and beauty and exposes the difficulty of raising a family.
Cinematographer Matthew Libatique works with Aronofsky to fill each scene with naturalism and fantastical elements. The lighting, geothermal forests, which was shot mostly in Iceland, and the rock creatures known as The Watchers, are motivated by the live-action and adventure aspect Aronofsky wanted to depict.
This movie centers on Russell Crow as Noah, the man chosen by his world’s creator to rescue the innocent before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the wicked from the world. The character Noah works to show the struggle of listening or, more realistically, looking for God’s signs of what to do and how to take on this grand task of building an ark. As we follow Noah’s journey, we see get to experience and learn from his own moments of self-growth.
There is a scene where he goes into the Forest of the Wicked and sees the ruthlessness of people. He realizes he and his family are no better or different, they have greedy desires and sinful thoughts too. As he wrestles with this reality, it lets the audience evaluate their own lives. Is there any real difference between someone who kills and someone who swore at their mother? Are we all doomed for Hell because we will never be perfect enough for God? Is there a God or not?

Even if you are not a religious person, or find that Aronofsky’s depiction of Noah is an inaccurate testament to the Bible, the underlying message should not be discredited. The story of Noah was written in the Bible to teach us that sin is serious, and the righteous God, the maker of all things, has the right to expect certain behavior. There is also a reminder to trust in God, we don’t have to understand why we can choose to just believe that trusting will lead to a greater existence. The many questions this movie generates will take you for an unforgettable inquiry of your own being- if you allow it.