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Graduation doesn’t mean the end, and it also doesn’t hinder the relationship that has been established between Mizzou and its Black and brown graduates. Mizzou’s Black Alumni Network supports all Black and brown graduates as they embark upon the real world. 

Under Mizzou’s Black Alumni Network, an event known as Noir Mizzou: A Suitable Affair, was created to reunite alumni during the celebratory Homecoming week. As an extra initiative to unite Black and brown alumni, Derrick Christian, a 2010 Mizzou Journalism graduate and founder of Noir Mizzou and Mister Suitable, has created the Noir Mizzou #BUYBLACKMIZZOU list.

“I reached out to Mizzou Black Alumni Network to say, ‘Hey does this exist?’” said, Christian. “They said it didn’t exist […] we had the infrastructure together from Noir and Homecoming and we created it to be promotional […] the list is a resource for us to know about each other,” said Christian.

This #BUYBLACKMIZZOU list has the information and business name of every Black and brown alum that has taken the entrepreneurial path. This list was created as a way to promote and acknowledge those who have decided to create and sell their own products. 

Christian stated, “One thing that we are proud about is whether you just opened your business that day that you’re on the list, or whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur in the game, you are represented and that’s what it’s about.” 

#BUYBLACKMIZZOU has over 100 different businesses listed that expose the entrepreneurs to a world of networking and a world of support from their Mizzou family. The list is a fairly new addition to Mizzou’s Noir festivities and is updated every Sunday.

“To me, it’s a showcase of the community that we have and it connects other business owners to each other, since that list has been created they have had cross collaborations and an extension of the networking that happens at Mizzou,” said Christian.

As the Noir Mizzou initiatives continue, the list continues to grow with new Black and brown Alumni entering the world of business. You can follow the growth of this organization on Instagram or through their hashtag. There’s also a website where followers, supporters, and members can stay active. The link, Instagram handle, and the hashtag are listed below.


Instagram: NoirMizzou





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