Nous SommesTous Charlie Symposium



Nina Ruhe – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer


On Tuesday night MU faculty, students and guest speakers debated the meaning of free speech and discussed the tragic Charlie Hebdo killings.

“Nous SommesTous Charlie” translates in English to, “We are all Charlie.”

Political Cartoonist, Khalil Bendib expressed that the cartoonists who were killed by an Islamic terrorist group were, “dreamers who really believed in freedom of expression.”

Results of freedom of speech were also discussed heavily, bringing up facts such as prior to the Hebdo killings, print run on the comic was fifty thousand, then after the attack, print run spiked to seven million.

Statistics like these helped show what exactly happens when freedom of expression is completely unbound by restrictions.

University Professor Davidson and Aidan White, Director of the Ethical Journalism Network also talked about journalistic merit. White said that now is the time to take our time as journalists, fact check and think if what is being written is moral.

“We’ve seen nobody’s be made into somebody’s because of the media.” said White.

“These are times that demand a courageous vigilant press.” said Davidson on the merit on today’s media.

Students who attended the symposium claimed that they now have a better perspective of what freedom of expression really is, and now they have a better idea of how to maximize their potential as a journalist in the future.

The symposium brought up the many problems that today’s journalists face. Whether being torn between publishing biased pieces to the threat of death for doing their job, the symposium brought up many struggles journalists run into that most people do not typically think about.

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